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WalkAbout2011 Update:

I thoroughly enjoyed trying out this blog during an extended recovery from an accident (2005-2010).  It filled my time and kept me from boredom while teaching “an old dog new tricks”.  I’ve found the blogging experience worthwhile and I would recommend it for anyone wanting to pursue a passion in a public forum. I apologize, in advance, for some of the personal items you will find in the dated material but I found this forum to be quite therapeutic during a difficult period.  I also confess to accidentally deleting hundreds of comments attempting to clean it up after months of neglect.

However, I have a new reason to re-engage with this site.  I’ve been given the opportunity of a lifetime with Ford Motor Company to do something extraordinary now that my recovery is behind me — to be the Director of Sales Planning & Distribution for Asia Pacific & Africa based in Shanghai, China. It is an incredible opportunity to participate in a world class team during a period of explosive growth and I am thrilled.

I will most certainly have an opportunity to capture new material in exotic locations and I will miss the face to face interaction with extended family and friends so I’ve promised to revive my site to keep everyone up to date on my new assignment.  It may not be as convenient or quick as facebook, but it will allow me the flexibility to shape every entry the way I like….and the added bonus of NO ADVERTISING (except my own). I will likely continue to include business topics, but I suspect my interests will be a bit more “lighthearted”.

So this site is now officially RE-PURPOSED for documenting the Walkabout of the Dean family to Asia.  Stay tuned….this could be interesting.


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  1. lee Oliphant Says:

    I've known you for a long time and you have never impressed me as someone who didn't know what he was doing. Our conversations, maybe trivial to you, provided insight into who you were. A very wise person told me, "when a person tells you who they are, believe them". I know that it takes a very comfortable person to talk about some of the issues you are discussing and observations you are disclosing. Your life experiences have been transforming. The recognition of your life in transition is wisdom at work. While you continue to do both, I think it is wonderful to share those teachable points of view to those who have the courage to listen, learn and contribute.

  2. Mike Duffy Says:

    First, thanks for inviting me to participate in the "beta" version of your blog. I have kept track of your activities via the grapevine since I retired and I know you have been through hell. I had a similar experience this year although not due to an accident. I have had five hip replacement surgeries on the right side since February due to an infection following surgery 1. It's been almost 90 days since the last operation and I'm just getting back to semi-normal. Anyway, enough of that. Count me in as a full participant as Allan Mulally says…"going forward".

  3. Phil B. Says:

    Joe — You are the greatest — although I'm worried too much of your artistic side is coming out :). Remember as you start posting about your past experiences, etc. "What goes on the road, stays on the road" I can't afford the alimony at this stage in my life! Seriuosly — best wishes on your new endeavor and God Bless.

  4. joedean Says:

    Three professional mentors, still doing what they do best. Thanks for the support Lee, Mike & Phil.

  5. Mike Duffy Says:

    Where's this week's post. Write, man, write!!

  6. joe dean Says:

    I was beginning to think no one was even reading this thing…thanks for the kick! You're the greatest.

    As I may have mentioned, I have several more personal postings to get out of my system before I get to the heart of the site. I'll still try to incite reaction, though….especially from the more timid sideliners.

    I have several posting in draft mode that will likely move a few people I know off the bench. It will be good practice for after we officially launch and publicize. At least, I'm having fun with it.

  7. blog hosting Says:

    I really like your writing style, its not generic and extremly long and tedious like a lot of blog posts I read, you get to the point and I really enjoy reading your articles! Oh, and merry Christmas!

  8. Tony Said Says:

    Joe– Look forward to the 2010 launch "walkabout" and your postings. I will try not to be one of the "sideliners" and get off the bench! Thanks again for a great year and looking forward to the future.

  9. joe dean Says:

    It was several months of neglect and I logged in with over 200 Spam comments. In an effort to clean it up, it appears I deleted hundreds of real comments with them. I am happy I was able to restore some of them but apologize for those accidentally dropped.

  10. Bob Mack Says:

    Just saw this via LinkedIn. Sounds like you have been through a lot since B-school. The China opportunity sounds great. I am in China at least 2-3 times per year and our regional HQ is in Shanghai, so we will definitely have to catch up.

  11. joe dean Says:

    Hey Bob! Indeed, it has been more than I ever expected. I am loving China and I look forward to catching up when you are in Shanghai. If my memory is correct you also bought a silk carpet with me when we were in Beijing? Not sure what it is actually worth, but the experience was priceless. Give me a shout when you are planning your next trip.

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